Understanding Multimedia

The word, multimedia may be a combination of two words – ‘multi’ and ‘media’. Multi means many and media means a mode of communication. Multimedia means combining quite one mode of communication, e.g. text, picture, graphics, sound, video, etc. A Computer that can support this combination is known as Multimedia Computer. Multimedia computers are used commonly nowadays as they sever many purposes. We can use them for entertainment as well.



The multimedia technology includes:

Pictures: Pictures are important components of a multimedia product. Pictures help to deliver information effectively by presenting the visual content of the discussed feature.

Sound: Sound and music make the information more interesting and clear. Instructions and knowledge are often given to the user, using sound files during a tutorial or presentation. Multimedia CCCSs present visual along with audio information to make the presentation more effective.

Video: Multimedia applications use video to show moving pictures which add a realistic element and enable a better understanding of the subjects. The video sequences are digitized with the help of a digital video camera and stored on a secondary storage media like a hard disc or compact disc (CD).

Animation: Animation refers to the effect of adding the illusion of moving objects in two-dimensional (2D) or three-dimensional (3D) pictures. The animation is being used in entertainment and education to enhance visual effects.

Text: Text is an important mode of delivering information. Multimedia presents the text in a more appealing format to make the information easily presentable.

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