Salient features of computer

Now we have seen that a computer can add, subtract, write letters or digits and can compile them in alphabetical sequence. These are normal functions of a computer but here we shall discuss some special features which make it useful in this world. These features are-

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Today’s topic is “Salient features of computer”. Before starting of this topic we must know about the last content that is –
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– In detail Software type description.
– About Language Processors.


Speed: – The computers were invented as high-speed calculators. This made possible the accomplishment of many scientific projects which were earlier not possible such as the collection and verification of meteorological data. The speed of modern computers has been so fast that they can perform more than 100 million instructions in one second. This is possible because the electronic components which are smaller in size and the electronics have to travel shorter distances which results in increasing speed. The speed of the computers in show as under- 1 Mill Second = 1/1000 or 1 X 10-3 1 Micro Second = 1/100,000 or 1 X 10-6

Storage Capacity: – The fast speed of computers led to the requirements of a high storage capacity. The efforts of the manufacturers have been to increase both primary memory and also the capacity of the other storage devices. Now there is unlimited capacity that computers can store in secondary memory.

Accuracy: – The computers should give accuracy of a high order and the degree of accuracy of a particular computer depends upon its design. But for a particular computer each and every calculation is performed with the same accuracy. Errors can occur in computer in doing rutile type of jobs which require greater accuracy.

Versatility: – computers are capable of performing almost any task which can be reduced to a series of logical steps. At one time computers are busy preparing automatic phone bills and electricity billing. All that is needed to change its talent to select a new program and deliver the desired result.

Diligence: – Because the computer is a machine, therefore its work is not effected as if it is done by a human being. The human being is affected by tiredness and lack of concentration in order to perform different instructions it takes the same time. Therefore it is diligent and consistent.

Intelligence: – A computer doesn’t perform magic. It can perform that a human being can. The difference is that it can perform these tasks with high speed and greater nil. It has to be ordered as to what to do and in what sequence. Therefore a user can determine what task a computer will perform.

Trained Manpower: – A computer system requires trained manpower to handle it effectively. The efforts required in training and the time spent in programming are considerable.

No Feelings: – Computers do not work on emotions because computers are machines. Although a man has developed memory for the computer but it is not equivalent to the heart and soul of a man. Generally, man takes decisions on feelings, taste and knowledge, and experience. But computer’s judgments are purely based on instructions given to it in the form of programs.

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