Remote login is an Internet Utility that lets you work on a computer located far ways by logging on to it. Remote Login is employed for exploring also as for performing on the remote systems.

Using Remote Login, you can your computer to log on to a computer in a different city or country and do all work just as if you have the computer before yourself.

In the last update, we have discussed “Multi-Point Video Conferencing”. If you didn’t check updates on my site so, please visit the link below:-

Today’s topic is “Remote Login”. Before starting of this topic we must know about the last content that is –
– What is Video Conferencing?
– In detail Multi-Point Video Conferencing description.
– Benefits of Video Conferencing?



Newsgroup is an Internet service involving the exchange of messages on a particular subject by people all over the world. It is an online community board, where users can send and receive messages on a particular subject. There are thousands of Newsgroups on the Internet available on different subjects and a user can subscribe to the newsgroups matching his/her interest.

Some examples of newsgroups are sci.environment, comp.hardware, comp.editors, alt.accounding, news.answers, sci.chemistry, sci.answers and soc.culture.india etc.

Newsgroup servers are located on the Internet for managing the newsgroup messages. Newsgroup is also known as Usenet or discussion forum.

Newsgroups are based on hierarchies and some of the topmost newsgroup levels are given below.

alt.                  Any imaginable topic

biz.                 Business and commercial products, services, reviews, etc.

comp.             Computer hardware, software, firmware information, etc.

misc.              Employment, health, etc.

soc.              Social issues, culture, values, etc.

sci.              Applied science, social science, etc.

rec.              Games, hobbies, sports, etc.

Using Google web site, you can join any of the above newsgroups. While registering for google newsgroup, you have to specify a valid e-mail address which is used as your username and a password. Once you have created an account on google newsgroup, you can use it for joining any number of newsgroups on the google newsgroup server.

Newsgroups are free to users with Internet access. They provide an excellent way to share experience and knowledge with people around the world.

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