We must take precautions for preventing computers from getting infected with viruses. Some of the viruses are so destructive that they can erase data collected over years within seconds. Users connected to a network must take strict preventive measures as virus infection spreads very fast on networks. Some of the measures which need to be followed for preventing PCs from getting infected are given below.

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Preventing viruses attack
  • Do not let unauthorized persons or outsiders copy files to your PC by using floppies, CDs, the Internet, etc.
  • Use write protect on your floppies so that data cannot be copied to it without your knowledge.
  • Take regular backups of your data so that in case of damage by virus, files can be restored. Also, keep data files separate from the program files.
  • Use registered and authorized licensed software. Do not use pirated software. Scan software before installing the.
  • Be alert while working on your system, keeping notice of the messages displayed. Take remedial action on any strange message and symptoms that start happening suddenly.
  • Avoid copying games or freeware programs from users who work on a lot of computers. Scan these programs, if you need to install them.
  • Antivirus software should be used to detect and clean viruses from a computer system. An automatic virus scan of a PC should be enabled to start scanning automatically whenever a PC is rebooted. An antivirus must always be loaded in the memory and it must be regularly updated about the new viruses and their cures.
  • E-mail scanning option should be enabled in the Antivirus software.
  • In case of a network PC getting infected with a computer virus, the PC must be immediately disconnected from the network. The sharing of files must be stopped till all the PCs on the network are fully scanned.

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