Video Conferencing allows more than two participants at different places to communicate with each other by speaking and seeing each other as if they were sitting together. All participants have a video camera, microphone, and speakers at their end.

The important factor for video conferencing is the speed of the Internet connectivity. The higher the speed, the lesser will be the delay and the better the sound and video quality. Compared to Net Telephony, Video Conferencing requires costlier hardware and faster Internet Connection.

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Today’s topic is “Remote Login”. Before starting of this topic we must know about the last content that is –

  • What is Video Conferencing?
  • In detail Multi-Point Video Conferencing description.
  • Benefits of Video Conferencing?

Some applications of video conferencing are:

  • Big organizations having offices worldwide use Video Conferencing to hold important meetings and training across its various offices.
  • Distance learning uses Video Conferencing to simulate a classroom environment where, students located in different parts of the world, see the teacher, and listen to him.
  • Television broadcasting organizations use Video Conferencing showing a TV newsreader interact with a reporter at a far-off place about the events happening to its viewers.
  • Video Conferencing is used in the field of telemedicine. Expert advice can be taken from the doctors in any part of the world by telling them the history of complicated medical cases by showing X-Rays, CT scans, etc.

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