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We have studied about the Internet, know its advantages and have also covered some of the Internet-based services such as e-mail, search engines and chatting.
In this chapter, we will study some of the popular Internet-based services.


Let us start with Net Telephony.

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Today’s topic is “More or Intrenet Services”. Before starting of this topic we must know about the last content that is –
– What is Software and types?
– In detail Software type description.
– About Language Processors.


Net telephony allows you to form calls to a telephone or a PC anywhere within the world, using an internet connection. It uses Internet because the medium for transporting voice.

In-Network Telephony or Net Telephony, we use a headphone or speakers and microphone.

We also need a net telephony account provided by Net Telephony Service Provider, Net Telephony Software, and an online Connection.

Thus in Net Telephony a PC, headphone or speakers and microphone replace a normal telephone instrument, Using Net Telephony, calls can be made to someone having conventional telephone, i.e. PC to phone call or to an online Internet customer having Net Telephony hardware and software at his end, i.e. PC to PC call. The Net Telephony Service Provider charges its customers based on the time usage and the destination to which the call is made.

The biggest advantage of Net Telephony is that the amount of saving within the call charges as compared to the traditional call charges for an equivalent call. Using Net Telephony leads to approximately 75% savings in international calls the actual fact that the web connectivity isn’t used solely for voice but is shared for data, video, etc. Also makes it cheap.

Some examples of Net Telephony Service Providers are Tata Indicom, Net2Phone and Dialpad etc. Dialpad prepaid PC-to-Phone Net Telephony subscription service offers international calling to 200 countries worldwide.

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