Computer viruses mostly infect the computers by booting, executing, and opening an infected program or file. Computer viruses spread their infection or malicious program code by using storage devices as a medium or through networks. For example, form a floppy disc to hard disc and vice-versa, CD to hard disc and vice-versa, through Internet, e-mail attachments, and through LAN and WAN.

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Today’s topic is “How do Viruses Spread”. Before starting of this topic we must know about the last content that is –
– What is Software and types?
– In detail Software type description.
– About Language Processors.

how to viruses spread

Viruses cannot spread by using data files such as text files, image files, sound files, etc. They need some executable program to become active. Once a virus infects a computer, it becomes resident in a portion of memory. Whenever a program is run using the memory, that program also gets infected. After the infected computer has been switched off, the virus doesn’t remain in memory but resides in the infected file and becomes active when the computer becomes operational again.

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