Computer Viruses

In this chapter, we will learn about computer viruses. Just as the biological virus infects replicates and affects living things, the computer virus infects replicates and affects computers. Computer viruses spread by attaching themselves to files and infect other computers when these are used by them.

computer viruses

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You may have experienced strange intermittent problems while working on your computer, like the PC suddenly becoming considerably show and unresponsive, strange character, weird and irrelevant messages, and strange behavior of programs. These symptoms indicate that the PC computer is infected with a virus.

These are hundreds of different types of computer viruses with each one having some unique characteristics and intended for a particular type of damage.


A computer virus is a program written with the malicious intent of damaging the programs, files, and data stored on the computer. A computer virus differs from a normal program in the sense that it has the ability to replicate and execute itself without any instructions from the user to this effect.

In many cases, computer viruses replicate and spread between computers just as biological viruses affect humans. They can enter a computer through a variety of media. Once inside the system, the virus program attaches itself to the executable program files or system files.

It activates and makes copies of itself, executing as often as the program to which it is connected. The virus thus multiplies very fast, spreads to other files, occupies space in both primary and secondary memory, overwriting their contents. This robs the computer of its software and causes the system to crash.

A virus can spread through a variety of media. It can be an infected floppy. Network connection or anything that is used for data transfer from one computer to another

Computer viruses cause damage to the computer’s data and continue to multiply until detected and cured by antivirus software. Computer viruses are also of different types and tend to infect the boot sector, data, system files, executable files, etc.

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