Application Software is a collection of programs designed as per the user’s requirement for a particular purpose, task or application. Application Software is developed by companies to meet the user’s requirement.

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Today’s topic is “Application Software”. Before starting of this topic we must know about the last content that is –
– What is Software and types?
– In detail Software type description.
– About Language Processors.


Application software are often broadly divided into two categories:

  • Packages
  • Customized Software


Packages consist of software designed to meet the general requirements of most of the computer users. Some of the commonly used application software packages are discussed below.

Word Processing Package: The software that helps users in creating documents. Examples are MS Word, WordPerfect and WordStar.

Presentation Package: The software that helps the users to make presentations. Examples are MS PowerPoint, Harvard Graphics Pro and Lotus Freelance Graphics.

Spreadsheet Package: The software that lets you enter data in tabular form and allows you to perform calculations by using formulas.

Example – are MS Excel, Supercalc and VP Planer.

Database Management System (DMBS): DMBS is the software that helps to store data in a structured way. These packages help you in sorting, analyzing, updating and searching of the records, e.g., Microsoft Access, bBase, FoxPro and Oracle.

Graphics, Multimedia and Drawing Packages: The software that helps you to use graphics, audio, video and draw lines, circles, shapes, pictures, etc.

Example – are CorelDraw, Real Audio and Video Player, Harvard Graphics and Microsoft Visio.

Internet Browsing and E-mail Packages: The software used for accessing, viewing and interpreting web pages over Internet. example are Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator. E-mail packages are software that you use to send and receive e-mails and maintain an address list with e-mail addresses and contact details.

Example – are Microsoft Outlook Express and Qualcomm Eudora.


Software that has been designed particularly to meet the specific requirements of a certain organization or individual.

After discussing the software types in this chapter, we can make a diagram to summarize our learning in this chapter.

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