Computer is the most commonly used word these days and the most commonly used machine. We are on the threshold of a new information era and future generations may view this eta as the time when people developed tools to amplify human intelligence. Today computers are used in each and every field of life. They help us in every aspect to solve our problems. There is no place where they are not used.

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Today’s topic is “Application of Computers”. Before starting of this topic we must know about the last content that is –
– What is Software and types?
– In detail Software type description.
– About Language Processors.

Commuters are now used to acquire information needed to explain new areas of health care, education, scientific research, at police stations, traffic control rooms, airport and railway booking offices etc. Now tens and thousands of computers can be seen in offices, factories, laboratories etc. let us discuss a few of its applications in detail.


1. Education: – Today education is the main application of computers, almost all courses are covered by commuters. Coaching of all competitions is beginning provided through computers. Computer courses are offered at all levels of education.

They are used in schools and colleges to impart knowledge to students in a highly scientific and practical manner. Through computer Assisted Instruction (CAI) a student is guided by the computer in learning the topic of his choice.  In this some instructional information and questions according to the given instruction.

2. Medicine: – Doctors are using computers for many purposes. Computers can be used to improve the quality of doctors to diagnose and to conduct research. Computers are used for monitoring heartbeat, blood pressure, etc. computer-Aided-tomography (CAT) scanner is not only limited to scan the brain but it is also used to scan cells in the heart by which the heart surgery is done. IT can also be used to diagnose drug addiction.

They can be used for tracing the diseases as well as for other works such as maintenance of room, calculation of hospital payrolls, medical fees of the patients. Even the case history of a patient can also be stored. Every day so May discoveries are coming up and the credit for it goes to compete only. Now even chemists are suing computers for keeping track of medicine’s availability with the date of expiry and price etc.

3. Law and Order: – The work of laws has become easier with the use of computers. Lawers have to maintain the record of their clients according to their required classification. Now instead of keeping the records in books and files, they can store large volumes of judicial proceedings in the secondary memory of computers which can be easily and directly accessed as and when required.

They can have the details of various judgments stored on computers. Police departments and investigation departments are also taking the help of computers to keep track of criminals. Minute details about their physical features. Fingerprints are traced down through the computer.

4. Banks: – banks are among the first large organization to invest heavily in computers. With the expansion of banks, a huge labor force would be needed to tackle today’s massive volume of bookkeeping. In most instances, the computers are located centrally. Branches are equipped with terminals.

Giving them an online accounting facility and enabling them to use the central system for information on such things as current balances. Deposits. Over-drafts, interest charges. Cheques are also handled by the computer. The use of computers in banks has made things simple, easier, and faster for bankers as well as customers.

5. Transport and communication: – The next important application of computes is transport and communication. These days railway booking, air reservation is done with the help of computers. It also helps to prevent overcrowding. Traffic jams. Ships and airplanes use computers for navigation.

The computer is used to find out the location of a ship or aircraft and in which direction it should travel. Rockets and spacer\crafts are connected with very powerful computers on board. These computers can do enormous calculations in seconds. A computer network is also possible by connecting a number of computer terminals together.

Any computer can communicate and share data with another computer. Computers at long distances are connected through telecommunication and satellite links. Computer networks are being used in Electronic-Mail, telecommunications. Electronic funds transfer systems. These days’ computers are used as fax also.

6. Hotels: – the range of computer applications available to hotels is wide. In hotels, the computer application includes office accounting such as purchase ledger, payroll, stock control, room reservation, and guest accounts. Guest account may include room and meal  charges, drinks charges and purchases, etc. the following printed documents are provided by the system:

  • Bill for each guest at check-out including service charges.
  • List of rooms to be vacated following mooring.
  • Analysis of days business including payment received.
  • List of guests who have not checked out when expected.

7. Meteorology: – Meteorology as a science is relatively new and with computer assistance, it has become more of an exact science. The problem in meteorology has always been to obtain sufficient data and to analyze that data quickly enough so that prediction can be made.

8. Offices: – computers are used to manage and maintain the different information needed for running the organization. The package called “OFFICES AUTOMATION” have been developed to describe the use of computer in the office. Documents such as circulars and letters can be efficiently prepared by a computer using word processing programs.

9. Commerce/design: – business organizations use computers for preparing salary, inventory control of goods, and sale analysis for a period of time, etc. it is used for preparing the design of electronic circuits, ships, aircraft, and even buildings. These designs are displayed on the screen. An engineer can make changes and modifications easily. Computers are also useful for manufacturing units. In this functioning of machines are fed into with fixed instruction to work.

10. Desktop Publishing (DTP):- Editing of books, magazines, and papers can be easily done on the screen without any paper cutting and pasting. A user can determine the style and size of characters and graphical images can be mixed with the text. Today DTP has become a very popular medium for writing books, designing visiting cards and newspapers, etc.

11. Animation and graphics: – animation is the process of making an object appears to move. This aim is achieved by rape displaying of series of similar pictures each in a slightly different position. Application of Computers can be used for animation and for producing special effects in moves. The result of computer animation and for producing special edits in movies.

The result of computer animation can now be seen on television. A number of video games have been developed with the help of commuters for example-jungle book cartoons etc. these days dress d designers and even hairdressers are suing animation for combining their design on the person for which they are designing this.

12. Computers in government offices: – The government uses application of computers to receive up-to-date information for quick decisions. Computers are of great help in processing information collected by census departments. Most of the government operations are connected through networking computers from which any query can be answered with the help of a computer.

Thus the government saves a lot of time and money. Now even the identity cards for election have been prepared by using the computer. Electronic voting (EVM) and the election result, collection of taxes, payment of salaries, driving licensee, and motor vehicle registration means everything is done by computers.

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