Antivirus software is software used to detect and remove computer viruses from a computer. This is an application program that needs to be updated regularly to be able to detect and remove new viruses. This software has to be purchased separately and is not part of the Operating System software. The update files are available on the computer website. Form which the Antivirus has been purchased

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Some commonly used popular Antivirus software are:

  • Norton Antivirus form Symantec
  • McAfee Antivirus
  • Panda Antivirus
  • PC Cillin

Let us study about the usage and features of Norton Antivirus in brief.

Execute NAV from the Programs menu. You will get an opening screen as shown in the figure. Select the Scan for Viruses option, i.e. the second option in the left pane for scanning viruses n your computer. Scanning is a process by which the antivirus program checks the computer to insure that there are no signs of virus infection on it. Another screen will appear as shown in the next figure.

Choose the scan task as per your requirement.  For example, chose Scan all floppy discs option if you want to scan all the floppy discs option if you want to scan all the floppy discs in the floppy drives. While choosing the Scan folders option, you will have to choose the folders which are to be scanned.

The scan dialog box will report the status of the scanning process.

If the virus is found and an automatic deletion option is selected before starting the scan, the NAV will display the action taken for that infected file. The Scan Summary dialog box will appear with results once the scan is over.

Click Finished button to close the Scan: Summary window.

While scanning, the NAV may ask you to perform an action on an infected file, running it in manual mode. Click the Options button on the main screen of the NAV for seeing the present settings. The Fix option will remove the virus from the file. The quarantine option is used when the NAV is unable to remove the virus from the infected file and so it places it in a secluded area on your computer. The computed file can be submitted to Symantec for further analysis. The Delete option if chosen will delete the virus and the infected file. This option should be chosen carefully if your system deletes the file, so your computer may not work.

The Reports option in the main screen of NAV has the options of:

  • Showing the report of the quarantined filenames with the data, time, and location.
  • Link to take you to the online virus encyclopedia on the Internet.
  • Log that displays the activities done by NAV and the action taken by it.
  • Moreover, you can click on the Live Update button located in the top left corner of the main NAV screen to update the NAV virus database which will help it in scanning and removing the new viruses. Use this option when you are connected to the Internet, as it may download some files from the Internet.

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