A multimedia computer has the ability to process and present text, audio, video, graphics, and animation. Therefore, the hardware requirements of multimedia computers are high.

Multimedia computer has the subsequent parts:

Monitor: A good resolution monitor that can show the visual content of information clearly. Most of the multimedia application demands VGA monitor having high resolution with 256 colors for sharp results.

A Multimedia Computer
Fig. A Multimedia Computer

CD-ROM or DVD drive: Used to play audio, video, and multimedia CDs or DVDs. A CD drive has a socket in front which can be used to connect the headphone. The round knob is used to change the volume settings of the headphone.

Fast processor, high capacity RAM: A multimedia computer has to process animation effects, sound effects, and display high-quality text. So it needs more RAM and a quick processor. For running specialized multimedia packages, one needs to consult their installation manual for the computer hardware requirements.

Sound card: A sound card has electronic circuitry to process and output audio through speakers. IT also allows microphone signals to be processed and stored in a digitized format. Speaker and microphone are connected to the sound card.

Speakers and Microphone: Speakers are the output devices used to play the sound. Speakers are connected to the sound card with a wire. The speaker has a POWER ON/OFF button and a volume control button.

The microphone is used in a multimedia computer to input and store sound. The sound signals are digitized and stored in the computer. A microphone is additionally connected to the sound card with a wire.


Some important and common uses of multimedia are:


Advertising: Most companies nowadays use the internet as a medium to promote their products. A multimedia laptop computer is utilized to draw attention to those advertisements Multimedia system laptops area unit needed to look at these advertisements.

Entertainment: Movies, cartoon films, and games use multimedia computers to entertain viewers. Cartoon shows like Irishman Mouse, Bob the Builder, Superman, Batman, Noddy, etc., and flicks like Stuart very little, Godzilla, period Park, Spiderman, etc. Exploitation multimedia system is created.

Education and Training: The education and coaching section uses transmission to make content that’s informative, attention-grabbing, and effective. Impressive audio and video effects have a lasting effect on the learner’s mind.

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