C is a programming language developed in 1972 by Dennis Ritchie at AT&T, Bell Laboratories. It is based on PASCAL and all the features of Pascal, including the new ones, are available in C. Programs written in C are small in size. Ritchie developed C for the new UNIX system (an Operating System) being created at the same time. due […]


High–level programming languages use English alphabets, words, and mathematical symbols. The programs written in high-level language need to be translated to machine language, using a compiler. High-level languages are easier to learn and use as compared to low-level languages. In the last update, we have discussed “Computer Language and software”. If you didn’t check updates on my site so, please […]

Computer Languages and Software

We know that a program is a set of logical commands or instructions in an ordered manner. Programming languages are used to write programs. Without a programming language, you cannot tell the computer what task you want it to do. The rules and g rammer used for writing commands in the program is known as syntax. Users expert in writing […]