It is a collection of various components to do the desired job. The job processing consists of three following stages:- Data Processing Information In the last update, we have discussed “Software and Its parts”. If you didn’t check updates on my site so, please visit the link below:- Today’s topic is “Computer System”. Before starting of this topic we must […]


Computer is the most commonly used word these days and the most commonly used machine. We are on the threshold of a new information era and future generations may view this eta as the time when people developed tools to amplify human intelligence. Today computers are used in each and every field of life. They help us in every aspect […]

Computers Based on Purpose

These computers have been designed for general purposes and special purpose- Special Purpose Computers: – A computer designed for a specific task can be called a special purpose computer. These systems are called “Dedicated Systems”. To solve navigational problems onboard a ship can be termed as special-purpose computes. For example computer for controlling precision surgical instruments. In the last update, […]