Classification of Computers not only accepts alphabets and digits as input for processing, but it accepts input in other forms also like signals, Signals. Are continuous flow of physical quantities temperature and speed etc. are some of the examples of signals and the following inputs can be used: Digits and alphabets Signals In the last update, we have discussed “Software […]

Salient features of computer

Now we have seen that a computer can add, subtract, write letters or digits and can compile them in alphabetical sequence. These are normal functions of a computer but here we shall discuss some special features which make it useful in this world. These features are- In the last update, we have discussed “Software and Its parts”. If you didn’t […]

Generation of Computer

INTRODUCTION: “Generation” in Computer we means a step in technology. The computer which we see today took many years to reach this stage and capability. This time period shows the growth of the computer industry. Previously this term was used to differentiate between hardware technologies but now it has been extended to both hardware and software which makes up an […]

Introduction of Computer

A computer is a very useful electronic machine created by humans. We’re aware of the importance of Computers in our daily life. In today’s world, every profession has everything or something to do with a computer. The “Computer” word comes from the “Compute“, which means to calculate. In simple words “A computer is an electronic device that receives input, stores […]