A computer must have both hardware and software to work. There are various types of software, with each having a particular function. We have studied about Operating System, Internet Browser, Microsoft Word, Paint and PowerPoint software. TYPES OF SOFTWARE On the basis of their functions and usage, software can be broadly classified into two categories: System Software Application Software SYSTEM […]


C is programming language developed in 1972 by Dennis Ritchie at AT&T, Bell Laboratories. It is based on PASCAL and all the features of Pascal, including the new ones are available in C. Programs written in C are small in size. Ritchie developed C for the new UNIX system (an Operating System) being created at the same time. due to […]


High – level programming languages use English alphabets, words and mathematical symbols. The programs written in high-level language need to be translated to machine language, using a compiler. High-level languages are easier to learn and use as compared to low-level languages. Some popular high-level programming languages are:- FORTRAN FORTRAN stands for Formula Translator. Developed by John Backus and his team […]

Computer Languages and Software

We know that a program is a set of logical commands or instructions in a ordered manner. Programming languages are used to write programs. Without a programming language, you cannot tell the computer what task you want it to do. The rules and g rammer used for writing commands in program is known as syntax. Users expert in writing programs […]


As studied earlier, HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol. HTTP is a standard set of well-defined rules which are used for communication on a network between a Web Server and a Web Client, using a Web browser. HTTP is used to deliver files and data on the World Wide Web (WWW). HTTP enables requests form web browsers to web servers […]


FTP or File Transfer Protocol is method for transferring files form one computer to another over a network. Based on the rights of user account, it allows users to send files form their PCs as well as download files form the FTP server. You can access a FTP server by typing ftp://ftp server address in your web browser and then […]


Remote login is an Internet Utility that lets you work on a computer located far ways by logging on to it. Remote Login is employed for exploring also as for performing on the remote systems.. Using Remote Login, you can your computer to log on to a computer in a different city or country and do all work just as if you have the computer before […]


Video Conferencing allows more than two participants at different places to communicate with each other by speaking and seeing each other as if they were sitting together. All participants have a video camera, microphone and speakers at their end. The important factor for video conferencing is the speed of the Internet connectivity. The higher the speed, the lesser will be […]


In Net Telephony, we can only talk to others and cannot see them. With Video Conferencing, users can talk as well as see each other. For video conferencing, we need a PC with Internet Connectivity, a digital camera properly configured and connected to the PC, and a Video Conferencing Software such as Microsoft Net-meeting. The Input devices, camera and microphone […]

More on Internet Services

We have studied about Internet, know its advantages and have also covered some of the Internet-based services such as e-mail, search engines and chatting. In this chapter, we will study some of the popular Internet based services. Let us start with Net Telephony. NET TELEPHONY Net telephony allows you to form calls to a telephone or a PC anywhere within the world, using internet […]